2008 Subaru and Beyond

2008 Subaru Legacy

SIA 20th Anniversary Donation

In celebration of their 20th anniversary in the Lafayette community, the local SIA Subaru manufacturing plant donated a 2008 Subaru Legacy to the City of Lafayette. Mayor Roswarski selected the Police Department to be the recipient of this generous gift.

Presentation Ceremony

At the presentation ceremony, Lafayette's Deputy Chief of Police, David Payne, said "This is an excellent example of how citizens, business and the Police Department work together in our community for the benefit of all. We have chosen to have this Legacy striped and marked as a Lafayette police car so that it can be a visual reminder to everyone that we need to work together."

School Resource Officer

The Legacy is a fully-functioning police vehicle and is assigned to the School Resource Officer. The School Resource Officer is very visible in the community and works at the local elementary, middle and high schools. You will frequently see this unique tribute from SIA parked in front of our area schools.

Ongoing relationship with SIA

The 2008 Subaru was taken out of service in 2017, when SIA again graciously donated a new vehicle for the use of the department.  SIA donated a 2017 Subaru Outback which was put to use with the crime prevention unit.  This vehicle was given a unique graphic wrap to make it stand out from our fleet of police vehicles.  In addition to the donated Outback the department also acquired two other Outbacks for use in crime prevention and also as a replacement for the school resource officer vehicle.