Friends of Columbian Park Zoo

About Friends of Columbian Park Zoo:

Established in 1976, Friends of Columbian Park Zoo is a non-profit membership organization that raises funds and advocates support for Columbian Park Zoo. In the past, Friends has supported the Zoo through projects and purchases such as a mini-van for off-site Zoo education programs, the Galapagos tortoise exhibit, and a recent renovation of the animal house kitchen.

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Friends of Columbian Park Zoo 
Board of Directors:
Jaime Williams - President
Emily Blue - Vice President
Eric Lin - Treasurer
Alex Rusco - Secretary
Kara Bishop
Lisa Bromer
Tara Daniel
Christopher Deckard
Tanya Foster
Cassie Gilliland
Anna Iacobazzi
Steven Knecht
Dan Komarchuk
 Alissa Morlan
 Yvone Renz
Matt Swisher 
 Andy Switzer