Utility Billing Account Changes Roll-Out

The Utility Billing Office is making some exciting improvements to better serve customers and make the billing process more efficient and user-friendly.

In the near future, your utility bill will have a new look and new features including:
• quick access to account information
• more visible billing time frame
• easy to interpret consumption data
• informative billed usage graph

Another important difference is that your ACCOUNT NUMBER WILL BE CHANGING.
Once we “Go Live” with the new billing software, your bill face, as well as your account number, will be modified. For those that use electronic/online payment, through the city website or through a bank, you will need to update your payment process to reflect your new account number. Your old account number will no longer be valid.  

We’re not done yet. Check out the new CITIZEN SELF SERVICE FEATURE.
The Citizen Self Service portal is an innovative, easy way to receive an emailed bill. In an 
effort to become more environmentally-friendly the city is making a concerted effort to 
provide a reliable, convenient way to make payments online. When the new billing process goes into effect, all you’ll have to do is follow the online links provided through an easy step-by-step process.

Follow along as we provide more details and finalize the roll-out date. Thank you for your patience during this transition!

La oficina de facturación de utilidad está actualizando un nuevo recibo de pago del agua que va incluir una nueva apariencia. Una muestra del nuevo recibo esta al revés de este encarte. Si está  usando el método de pagando tu cuenta electrónicamente, por el internet o por tu propio banco, va a tener que hacer un cambio.  Cuando empezamos a usar el nuevo proceso de pago (que va hacer indicado por la nueva apariencia de tu recibo), tu número de cuenta va cambiar. Usted va tener que cambiar el nuevo número de cuenta a tu pago electrónica para que tu pago llegue a la cuenta nueva.  Tu número de cuenta anterior ya no va ser válido. Si  tiene preguntas de este nuevo cambio, por favor llame a nuestra interpreta de español,  Vanessa, al 807-1103. Ella le ayudara a contestar preguntas que tenga.