Dry Chemical Automatic Fire Suppression System

Dry chemical fire suppression systems protect storage rooms, paint booths and areas of a building where flammable liquids or hazardous materials are stored. Dry chemical systems are typically used for "total flood" applications in non-occupied areas. Dry chemical suppresses a fire by providing both rapid suppression and protection against fire re-ignition.

Please notify the Lafayette Fire Prevention Bureau before installing a paint booth or automatic dry chemical suppression system.

Dry chemical systems are required for:
  • Flammable Liquid Storage Areas
  • Paint Spray Booths
Maintenance on dry chemical fire suppression systems must be conducted by qualified personnel at least semi-annually in accordance with fire code requirements and the manufacturer's listed installation and maintenance manual. Dry chemical containers must be given a 6-year internal inspection and 12 year hydrostatic test.

Dry-chemical extinguishing systems shall be installed, maintained, periodically inspected and tested in accordance with NFPA 17 and their listing.

Applicable Codes & Standards

  • Indiana Fire Code
  • NFPA 17