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The online reporting wizard can currently process the following types of crimes

-Harassing Phone Calls
-Lost Property
-Theft under $750

Only crimes committed within the City of Lafayette are accepted. To receive an electronic copy of your report, a valid form of identification and email address is required. You may be contacted concerning this report. Filing a false report is a crime and is punishable by State and Federal Law.

The more detail and specifics you can provide about the crime committed will help our officers find your property out of all the recovered property. Serial Numbers, color, unique features or markings, make and model, are all very important to investigating officers.

Online Crime Reporting Thank you for visiting our online reporting site. Our goal is to provide you with an easy to use tool for reporting crime in the City of Lafayette. The process is quick and easy - simply fill out the forms, review the information for accuracy and print your police report right from your computer. If this is an emergency please dial 9-1-1. For non-emergencies, dial (765) 807-1200. The Online reporting Wizard can currently process the following types of crimes: Vandalism Harassing Phone Calls Lost Property Theft Instructions and Information about your online report. In an emergency always CALL 9-1-1. The use of this system is voluntary. If you choose this method of reporting a crime/incident a police officer will not be sent to make an investigation. Reports CANNOT be accepted for other agencies. If the crime/incident did not occur within the city limits of Lafayette you can not use this form. Reports of traffic crashes cannot be made on this form. YOU CANNOT USE THIS FORM IF: The crime involves the discharge of a firearm The crime involves domestic violence, physical injuries, or the violation of a court issued protective order. The crime involves a significant property loss. There is physical evidence to be collected, or you know the name and or location of the suspect. For example, forged documents or checks involve physical evidence and may not be reported online. If you know who or where the suspect is located. If you have items of evidence relative to your case. If the crime is a motor vehicle theft. If the incident or crime does not meet the above criteria or if you have questions, call 807-1200. It may still be determined that you can file a report online or that an officer needs to be sent to take the report in person. When your online report has been processed by a Records Technician, a case number will be assigned and e-mailed to you. You must provide a valid e-mail address in order to receive a case number. Receiving a case number via e-mail will indicate your report has been accepted and is "on file". IMPORTANT NOTE: False reporting of a crime is a violation of Indiana State and Federal law. Filing a false report in person, or online is subject to prosecution and the Lafayette Police Department will pursue charges against those who file false reports. If you have read and understand this warning and wish to continue to the ONLINE CRIME REPORT Choose one of the following: Business Victim Personal Victim Non-Victim - Reporting Party

Personal Information
Home Address
Crime Demographics
Crime Reporting Information
Harassing Phone Calls: Unsolicited phone calls of an annoying, harassing, or threatening nature. Example: Immediate hang-ups, obscene language, etc. with no known suspects.

Lost Property: When property is missing or lost. Example: Property that is missing, leaving items in a restaurant, or missing from the home.

Theft: The act or an instance of stealing, larceny. Example: Property that is missing or stolen and it is known that the property was stolen and not misplaced.

Theft from a vehicle: The act or an instance of stealing property from a motor vehicle. Example: Stolen equipment or belongings from a vehicle.

Vandalism: The act of changing, modifying, or defacing public or private property. Example: Spray painting a garage door, knocking over mail boxes, throwing rocks through windows, etc.

Vandalism to a vehicle: The act or instance of tampering with a motor vehicle. Example, Keying, broken windows, or attempts to remove parts.

When describing the items missing it is extremely important to include information that will help us identify your specific item from a group of recovered property. Eg. 27" TV is not as descriptive as 27" Sony LCD, silver case, deep scratches on left side, serial number xx-xxxxxx-xx.

If describing a vehicle include information such as the license plate and state it was issued from, VIN, Make, Model, color, pin striping, bumper stickers, decals, or parking passes, dents, scratches, chips, luggage rack, window tint, or other distinguishing characteristics.
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