Building and Development

The Engineering Department has implemented a regular presubmittal meeting to provide assistance at any phase of development prior to plan review submittal.  Presubmittal meetings are required in many cases primarily for non-residential projects that involve site and/or utility construction but they are also appropriate for due diligence, site feasibility investigations and other general planning purposes.  Please email our office to determine if a presubmittal meeting should be done for your research or project.

Applications and Forms - Applications and forms for commercial and residential building permits, sewer permits, water permits, right-of-way permits, sign permits, electric permits, and other related permits.

Building Permits - List of requirements for residential and commercial projects in the City of Lafayette. 

Construction Guidelines and Standards - Standards and Guidelines for construction practices in the City of Lafayette.

Electrical Licenses - Review electrical license requirements and apply for or renew your electrical license.

License, Bonding & Insurance Information - Lists requirements for licensing, bonding and insurance by contractor/project type.

Online Permitting & Inspections - Would you like to apply online for permits? Schedule inspections online? The city of Lafayette now offers online services for permitting and inspections. Not all projects are available. Click on the link to see if your project qualifies for online permitting and inspections. 

Permit Fees - List of fees for permits in the City of Lafayette.

Policy and Guidance - Department policies and requirements for construction work in the City of Lafayette. This includes permitting and zoning.

Regulations and Codes - List of applicable codes and regulations.