Current Projects

Pearl River CSO Storage Facility

The City of Lafayette’s approved Combined Sewer Overflow Long Term Control Plan (CSO LTCP) requires full treatment of wastewater flows and a level of control of no more than four (4) CSO overflows during a typical year.  To achieve this level of control, the recommended plan was divided into four sub-phases (Phase II-A, II-B, II-C and II-D).   The Pearl River CSO Storage Facility (Phase II-C) is required to store and convey wet weather flow to Lafayette Renew when the treatment facility has capacity, thereby improving the water quality in the Wabash River.

This Project includes the installation of 1.5 million gallons of storage that will help eliminate combined sewage from being discharged into the Wabash River during heavy rain events.  This Project will conclude the third sub-phase of the City’s Long-Term Control Plan (LTCP) leaving just the final phase to be completed.  Previous green infrastructure projects allowed for a reduction in size of this phase of the LTCP by more than 50% of the original plan that was submitted in 2009.  This Project also includes a nearly 400 kW solar field that will provide the majority of the electrical demand for the Pearl River Lift Station and is scheduled to be complete in the spring of 2022.

During 2021, Lafayette Renew began the design phase for the following projects:

  • Vinton Woods Ponds Drainage Improvement Project – The project is part of the City of Lafayette’s capital improvement program to improve the water quality of the Wabash River and other local streams, and to address poor drainage conditions.  The project will reduce street and yard flooding, improve public safety, and reduce pollutants and sediment in local waterways.
  • Service Area 11B Utility Extension Project – Provides water and wastewater services to Service Area 11B, which is currently unserved.  Service Area 11B is located southeast of the City and generally bounded by existing served development and CR 450 S to the north, US 52 to the east, CR 100 E to the west, and CR 900S to the south.  The development of the Service Area is currently assumed to be residential expansion.
  • 40 & 8 Lift Station and Forcemain Replacement Project – Replaces an aged lift station which is at the end of expected lifespan and in need of a capacity increase.
  • South 30th Street Drainage Project Phase II – Provides positive drainage for the S. 30th storm basin and addresses localized street flooding.
  • Rainybrook Lift Station and Forcemain Upgrade Project – Increases capacity of the Raineybrook Lift Station to allow for residential growth in the area.
  • Ortman Lane Drainage Project – Addresses chronic drainage concerns.