Program Involvement
The Lafayette Police Juvenile Detective section is very involved in the community and particularly in programs concerning and affecting juveniles. Several juvenile programs have recently been developed and implemented within the juvenile justice system. Lafayette Police Department (LPD) is proud to be a part of this system and strives to be as involved as possible in reviewing existing programs and developing new programs.

Juvenile Hold Over
The"hold-over" program is a cooperative effort between LPD, Juvenile Probation, Cary Home for Boys and Scholer Home for Girls. This program utilizes the trained staff at the above homes to conduct risk assessments on non-violent juvenile offenders' immediately after an arrest. These assessments provide immediate feedback to the parents and probation officers. These early assessments are vital to early intervention and provide the opportunity to offer avenues of assistance for the family and the offender in a timely manner.

Systems of Care
In an attempt to strengthen the family environment and keep kids out of a life of delinquency, a Systems of Care (SOC) network has been started. This consortium takes referrals from juvenile systems like Family Services, schools, Juvenile Court, and law enforcement. It is a voluntary program that offers access to a family case manager who makes assessments, builds on the families' strengths, and offers avenues of help for their weaknesses. The target population of this program is late elementary school and middle school years. Several families are currently taking advantage of this program and time will tell how effective it is at reducing juvenile delinquency in our community.