Civil Disturbance Unit

Civil Disturbance Unit Group Photo
The Lafayette Police Department Civil Disturbance Unit (CDU) was formed in 1999. A civil disturbance at Purdue University following the victory of the women's basketball team in the NCAA tournament brought to light the necessity for a more modern, well equipped team that could deal with similar situations in Lafayette and surrounding jurisdictions.


The objective of the CDU is to function as a cohesive unit and adapt to constantly evolving situations within disturbances by using minimal or no force to resolve the issue. CDU trains and is prepared to handle many situation including, but not limited to:
  • Correctional institution issues
  • Labor disputes
  • Legal demonstrations
  • Passive/active resistor protests
  • Riots
  • Sporting event celebrations
The CDU can also be utilized for missing person searches, perimeter security for SWAT team operations, and assistance to EMS and Lafayette Fire for Hazardous Material incidents. CDU members also help make up the IDHS District 4 Homeland Security Task Force.

2018 CDU Roster

  • Captain Neil Dale, Operations Commander
  • Sergeant John Yestrebsky, Team Commander
  • Sergeant Grant Snyder
  • Sergeant Will Carpenter
  • Detective Ryan Carlisle
  • Technician Chad Cahoon
  • Tehnician Aaron Dobrin
  • Officer Greg McDaniel
  • Officer Steve Pierce
  • Officer Heath Provo
  • Officer Scott Swick
  • Officer Steve Prothero
  • Officer Mark Roberts
  • Officer Matt Meeks
  • Officer Justin Hartman
  • Officer Lonnie Wilson
  • Officer Jeff Webb
  • Officer Jacob Daubenmier
  • Officer Neil Chidalek
  • Officer Kevin Cooney