Mobile Computer Terminal

Mobile Computer Terminal (MCT) has pushed our Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management (RMS) and Jail Management System (JMS) systems out to the fingertips of the officers involved while they are on a call. Officers can now:
  • Digitally receive a call in their car on a laptop computer
  • Plot the location of the incident on an in-car map with the touch of a button
  • Update their status from "en route" to "arrived" to "cleared"
  • View all dispatcher notes
    • Add notes of their own
  • View call history at the address they are responding to
  • View "hotspot" information about that address (other calls at that location within the past 48 hours.)
  • View information about persons that might be "wanted" or have court orders applying to them at the dispatched address
  • View information specific to the location they are responding to, for example hazardous materials are stored in the warehouse, etc.
Software Capabilities
In addition to these functions, which are directly associated to their initial dispatch on a call for service, officers can also:
  • Inquire to CAD about any event since December 1999
  • Inquire to RMS about any person entered into JMS or RMS since December 1999
    • May download a photograph of that person, if available
    • Officer receives all recent information about all contact with that person/vehicle
  • Inquire to the national system NCIC or state system IDACS or state system BMV to check for further information about a person
  • Make all of the above person or vehicle inquiries, with 1 request
  • Message from Car to Car (any car from Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Department (TCSD), Lafayette Police Department (LPD), West Lafayette Police Department (WLPD) or Purdue University Police Department (PUPD)
  • Message from Car to Dispatch (any dispatch center from TCSD, LPD, WLPD or PUPD)
  • Message to Shift Commanders of LPD whether in the car or in headquarters, or other LPD personnel, including Records and Traffic.