Fire & Life Safety Inspections

Purpose & Goal
The Lafayette Fire Department strives to provide the highest quality fire/rescue and fire prevention/education services possible to our residential, commercial, and industrial populations.

Comprehensive Inspections
One of the methods that we use to make this possible is by performing a comprehensive Fire and Life Safety Inspection Program for all commercial properties. The Lafayette Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for conducting Fire and Life safety inspections of Class 1 structures throughout the City of Lafayette as well as Fairfield Township.

Familiarization Tours
Another way we do this is by having the firefighters do a "walk-thru" familiarization tour of the businesses. This is a great benefit because it helps us to recognize any hazardous situations we may encounter during an emergency. This incident pre-plan tour is separate from the code compliance inspection process.

Making Businesses Safe
In order to help you make your business as safe as possible, we are providing you with a list of commonly found code violations as well as a pre-inspection checklist which gives you some commonly occurring violations. If you check these items and correct deficiencies, the inspection process will be easier for all.


Repeated violations, serious health and safety risks, failure to correct a deficiency in a timely manner and other serious matters may result in a fine.

More Information
For fire code questions or to request an inspection, email the Fire Department and we will get back with you. For a full list of inspectors and staff, please see our staff directory.