Fire Resistance Rated Construction

Penetrations & Openings
Doors, windows and other penetrations of the rated assembly have to be addressed. Fire rated doors, glass and penetration fire-stop systems and products must be installed to maintain the tested rating. Also, reference Indiana Building Code Section 712: Penetrations, and Section 715: Opening Protectives.

Joints & Seams
Joints installed in or between fire-resistance-rated walls, floor or floor/ceiling assemblies and roofs or roof/ceiling assemblies shall be protected by an approved fire-resistant joint system designed to resist the passage of fire for a time period not less than the required fire-resistance rating of the wall, floor or roof in or between which it is installed. Also, reference Indiana Building Code Section 713: Fire-Resistant Joint Systems.

An inspector will need to inspect the wall or ceiling assembly prior to enclosing and after all building services have been installed such as HVAC ducts, electrical circuit wiring, plumbing, etc.

Inspection Items
  • Assembly (wall, floor/ceiling) been constructed in accordance with the tested design specification. See ASTM E 119
  • Assembly UL listing or design detail sheet on site for inspection
  • Floor/ceiling sheathing - Type X gypsum or listed base layer/face layer sheathing
  • Opening protection - Rated doors and frames, rated glass and glazing
  • Penetrations filled or protected with fire-stopping system - UL listing or design sheet and product sample on site for inspection
  • Proper fasteners - Nail / screw size and location
  • Proper insulation - Fiberglass or mineral wool, mineral fiber
  • Sheathing - Type X gypsum board - vertical joints over studs
  • Wall (other than sheathing)
Always consult with the Building or Fire Code Official if you have questions.