What are your COVID-19 policies?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused businesses around the world to evaluate how best to protect their employees and the individuals they serve. We recognize that many facilities are returning to a “pre-pandemic normal,” while others continue to require a variety of measures including face coverings, vaccinations, social distancing, or rapid testing results for staff, visitors, and vendors. Prior to making your reservation, please discuss your facility’s current requirements with a reservation specialist to determine if they are compatible with the Zoo’s ability to comply. 

Further, be aware that as part of the City of Lafayette municipal government, the Columbian Park Zoo is a public organization, rather than a private business. We adhere to all COVID-19 and public health parameters determined by the City of Lafayette.

At this time, the City of Lafayette is not requiring staff to wear facemasks, receive the COVID-19 vaccination, or disclose their vaccination status to the City. We cannot share the personal health information of our staff, including vaccination status or disease history, with you.

We cannot guarantee that your presenter will be a vaccinated individual, nor require the staff member to disclose that information directly to you.

Upon our arrival, if your facility indicates that any of these parameters are required in order for zoo staff to deliver the scheduled program, and the staff member refuses the request, your program will be automatically canceled and no refund will be issued.

All facilities are required to submit a signed acknowledgement of the COVID-19 and Public Health Policy prior to making their first reservation. This is to ensure we are all on the same page and so that we can avoid last minute cancellation that will disappoint your residents and be administratively costly.

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