Participate and pass LPD's Testing Day

Testing Requirements:
The written test requires a minimum score of 80% to continue in the hiring process.

Physical Fitness Test:

There are 5 physical fitness components that will be measured as a battery of tests. Applicants should understand that these tests will involve periods of physical exertion and that, as with any physical activity, certain risks are inherent. Applicants will be expected to read and sign a Waiver Form.

Minimum Passing Performance
- Vertical Jump - 16 inches
- One Minute Sit Ups - 29
- 300 Meter Run - 71 Seconds
- Maximum Push Ups - 25
- 1.5 Mile Run - 16 minutes 28 seconds

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1. Submit an Application
2. Participate and pass LPD's Testing Day
3. Take and pass a polygraph examination
4. Pass Formal Interviews
5. Swearing In Ceremony