Downtown Security Officer

Downtown Security Officer

Meet Lafayette’s Downtown Security Officer

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our Downtown Security Officer. His name is Iseral Quintero and he became a City of Lafayette employee in January, 2018. He had previous worked in this same role through a private security company since of March, 2016.

Iseral’s primary role is to serve as a liaison between the City of Lafayette, and all those who work, reside, or visit our Downtown Community. We want to provide an unrelenting sense of safety and security. Our goal is to make Downtown a destination place for successful business opportunities, quality living, and a great place to shop, dine, and meet friends.

The Downtown Security Officer performs walking tours in the Downtown Business District to help evaluate ongoing services, programs, and operations for quality, efficiency, and effectiveness. He communicates with other departments to coordinate activities and resolve problems as needed, and he works as a liaison with law enforcement on public safety matter.

Iseral has a very professional and personal relationship with many of our local business owners and managers. The communication between Iseral and our business community provides a cooperative work environment and helps to ensure that Downtown is a desired destination.

Iseral is available to provide an occasional “Safe Escort” for anyone who would prefer to have someone accompany them to their vehicle if needed. The Downtown Security Officer does not provide money escorts to or from any financial institution.

Iseral’s primary hours are from Noon to 8:00pm, Monday through Friday. Iseral can be reached by calling his office at 765-807-1302 or by email ( His office is located in the Big Four Depot at Riehle Plaza located at 200 N 2nd Street.