Crime Scene Investigation

Television Shows

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) has been a very entertaining and popular television show for several years. This police drama has done much to inform (and misinform) the public about the advances in forensics and technology.


The goal of the Crime Scene Investigation program is the identification, collection, and preservation of evidence for examination.

Personnel & Training

The Lafayette Police Department has 5 specially trained crime scene investigators in the uniform division, as well as 1 full time CSI in the detective division. These investigators have many specialized tools available to them that aid in the collection of evidence from a crime scene. Their training and experience focuses on various ways to collect evidence, the meaning of the placement of that evidence, and the type of examination to request on the evidence submitted to the Indiana State Police crime labs.

Crime Scene Investigation Roster

  • Lieutenant Matt Gard, CSI Coordinator
  • Detective Paul Huff, Investigations
  • Technician Chad Cahoon, Patrol
  • Technician Kevin Cooney, Patrol
  • Technician Adam Ransom, Patrol
  • Technician Carson Smith, Patrol
  • Officer Derrin Nuckols, Patrol