Water Walking

The Lafayette Parks and Recreation Department provides a variety of health and fitness programs including Water Walking.

About Water Walking

Join others for a quiet walk in our lazy river at Tropicanoe Cove. Walk with the current or against it to customize your workout. Water Walking increases your blood flow and warms your muscles and joints. An easy-going exercise for those who enjoy the outdoors.

women smiles and talk while walking in waist deep water in the lazy river
 Water Walking Hours of Operation  
 Monday-Friday  7am - 9am
 Saturday  8am - 9am

Individual session  $3.00
Season pass  $50.00

TRY IT FOR FREE! On several dates this summer, Lafayette Parks and Recreation will offer the popular water walking program at no expense. Check our calendar and social media regularly throughout the summer. We will announce FREE Water Walking dates and times all summer long.

Email List

Get up-to-date Water Walking information send directly to your inbox or smartphone. Members will receive information on season passes, cancellations due to private pool rentals and weather, and free days. Sign up online!

Water Walking Hotline

Call the hotline at 765-807-1530 for the most up to date information such as cancellations due to weather, private rentals and more.

You may also use the hotline to call ahead to make sure your Water Walking session is on schedule.

Rules & Regulations

  • You must be 12 years of age or older to participate in Water Walking at Tropicanoe Cove.
  • Please, no children. No child care will be provided during water walking. Please make other arrangements for your children.
  • There will be one lifeguard on duty during Water Walking, but please use caution when participating in Water Walking.
  • Do not enter the Lazy River until instructed to do so by a staff member.
  • You are welcome to bring water shoes to wear, but none will be provided for you.
  • No tubes will be allowed in the water during water walking.
  • No splashing or horseplay will be tolerated.
  • Consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise programs.
  • Stop immediately if you feel any pain, numbness, or shortness of breath.