Fire Hydrant Flow Test

In order for fire protection system designers to determine the quantity of water available for fire protection, it is necessary to conduct water flow tests on the water distribution systems. These tests include the actual measurement of static (normal operating) and residual pressures, and the flow from hydrants. The design of automatic fire sprinkler systems is largely dictated by the data from hydrant flow tests.

The Lafayette Fire Prevention Bureau supervises fire-flow flow tests that may be required for fire protection system design or alteration. 

Please contact Inspector Todd Trent by email or phone at 765-807-1616 to schedule a Flow Test. Please allow 48 hour notice.

Requirements & Considerations for Conducting a Flow Test

  • Contact the Lafayette Fire Prevention Bureau to schedule a flow test (48 hour notice).
  • The temperature needs to be above 40 degrees Fahrenheit (or prior arrangement).
  • All downtown locations require the use of a diffuser.
  • Some locations may present runoff problems. It may be required to direct the discharge toward a storm drain or other safe drainage..
  • Deflectors/diffusers may be required dependent upon location and conditions.
  • Location and size of water mains is needed.
  • Location of flow and test hydrants is needed.